Last weekend I've attended my first Flex Camp. Thanks to the 3 evanghelists on the scene I found out about a few Adobe Platform features that I didn't know about.

One of them is that you can compile C (and virtually any other language) into a .swf movie file or into a .swc library. (Yeah, I know ... coool). You need to use Alchemy, an Adobe Labs research project. You can see a cool example on Miti's blog.

Then there's the fact that you can embed Flash movies into a PDF document. There was a pretty cool example where you would add a Flash movie to select the damaged parts in a car accident to the insurance company form.

Last but not least the fact that you can now have threads in Flex. No, it's not a new feature of Gumbo, no it's not magic. It's actually PixelBender and custom filters. It seems that each filter runs as a separate thread, so you can use this as a workaround for threads. I haven't tried it yet, but I promise to post an example as soon as I do. You can read a few ideas about it on Alex's Closet.

Overall the experience was excellent, despite the ~600 km drive to Timisoara. Met some great people, learned new things and returned home with my mind full of ideas.

Looking forward for the future events.