After posting a few Flex examples on blogs and websites I realized that if you have more than 10-20 lines of code the examples are pretty difficult to read. So I decided to create a tool that can color (highlight) the code very similar to Flex Builder (but you can style it however you want). You don't need to add any external files or something like that to your site. Just paste your source code in the formatter, convert it and copy the html to your website. I used it to repost the flex examples on this blog, so you can see it at work.

It allows you to choose whether to show both raw source code (useful for copying) and the formatter version, or just the later.
To avoid special editors problems like the one in blogger which turns each new line into a br tag, you can opt to strip new lines.

The formatter is free (not open source for now) and you can find it here : . Leave a comment here if you find any annoying bugs or need new features.

You can see it in action here :