Adobe recently released version 10.3 of the Flash Player. Amongst the cool new features there is a long expected one by the privacy control freaks: the clearing of local shared objects when clearing cookies in the browser. The idea is very nice, whenever the user clears their cookies, they actually want to remove all the session information the browser maintains.
When my desktop updated to FP 10.3 this morning I decided to give this new feature a spin. After googling a bit I found this demo page from Microsoft made for IE. Simply input some text in the form field, hit save and after a refresh the data is maintained. Clear the cookies, refresh the page and the text is gone.
So where's the problem ?! It seems FP doesn't care which browser was used to set that shared object, so it simply deletes ALL shared objects created by any browser. Try this:
1. Open the link above in Chrome/Firefox. Enter some text and hit refresh. The text is stored.
2. Open an IE instance.
3. Clear the cookies in IE.
4. Refresh the page in Chromme/Firefox. The information is gone.
I know there has been a lot of pressure on Adobe to implement this, but I think the way it works now makes Shared Objects very unreliable. When a user clears the cookies in a browser, they expect that only the information in that browser will be affected.

I really hope Adobe fixes this soon by making clearing local storage browser-dependent. I opened a bug here, if you agree please vote for it.